IEEE 1599

Alphabetic list of elements (v1.0)

Genres and genre

<!ELEMENT genres (genre+)>

<!ATTLIST genre
   description CDATA #IMPLIED
   weight CDATA #IMPLIED>

Element genres is a container for one or more specifications of music genre. Element genre allows specification a music genre for classification purpose.


  • name, the term or locution that textually identifies the genre. A number of dimensions may be needed for classification purpose: historical period (e.g. "20th century"), critical classification (e.g. "Baroque"), type of composition (e.g. "Counterpoint"), geographical area (e.g. "Balkan music"), ensemble (e.g. "quartet"), etc.
  • description, that provides an extended text description of the genre.
  • weight, which defines through a numerical value the weight of this particular classification respect to other classifications listed within element genres. For instance, a piece can be considered 0.7 classical and 0.3 romantic, such as Beethoven late compositions. Please note that a reference scale is not provided, in the sense that the sum of values for different genre elements do not have to reach a predefined value.
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