IEEE 1599

Alphabetic list of elements (v1.0)

Related_files and related_file

<!ELEMENT related_files (related_file+)>

<!ELEMENT related_file EMPTY>
<!ATTLIST related_file
   file_name CDATA #REQUIRED
   file_format %formats; #REQUIRED
   encoding_format %formats; #REQUIRED
   spine_start_ref IDREF #IMPLIED
   spine_end_ref IDREF #IMPLIED
   description CDATA #IMPLIED
   copyright CDATA #IMPLIED
   notes CDATA #IMPLIED>

Element related_files is a container for one or more specifications of related_file. Element related_file is devoted to link an external digital object somehow related to the encoded piece but not directly related to the occurrence of music events. In other words, the objects linked within related_files element should not contain contents semantically related to the piece. This definition includes scans of photos, fashion plates, sketches, covers, costumes, etc.; this definition does not include score scans, music performances, audio tracks, etc., which are described in other layers .


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